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Mariano Pedroza was born in Brazil in 1966. He has lived in Brazil, Ivory Coast, Angola, Senegal, France, USA and is now residing in Thailand. He is a therapist and educator and has been supporting the growth process of individuals, families and communities for the past 30 years in many different countries. His work is rooted in the knowledge of Neuro- dynamic methods for the reprocessing of trauma, Neo-reichian body oriented therapies, Systemic approach for groups and Communities, and Mindfulness Strategies for stress reduction and emotional balance.


Joan embodies TRE with her grounded presence. She excitedly shares her knowledge and wisdom gained from a highly diverse career. She is a registered social worker and was an educator in the community college system for 25 years. She has been a learning consultant and corporate trainer. Joan is trained in bioenergetics and for years had a private counselling practice.

Joan is the Certification Trainer for Canada while living there for 6 months and the rest of the year she lives in Thailand. Over the past 9 years she has introduced TRE and Certification training in Thailand and Nepal. Joan has established Certification Trainers in Thailand, Singapore and Japan. These Certification Trainers have established certification trainings in Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong and Vietnam. The ripple effect is growing throughout Asia.

Joan’s desire to spread TRE in the world and to assist those who have experienced the devastating effects of disaster has taken her to Japan to work with Tsunami survivors, to the Philippines following Typhoon Yolanda and to Myanmar to introduce TRE to traumatized staff of an NGO. She is the initiating trainer for TRE Mission Nepal and supports the TRE Vietnam Disability project. Joan is an active collaborator in designing a Humanitarian TRE program based on the experiences of those in TRE who have been working with refugees, disaster survivors, people affected by war and conflict, indigenous populations and the poor. 


Lori Ann is the Founder & CEO of Freedom Within Co. Ltd. and the TRE® ShAkE uP! (Shakeups), a Global TRE® Certification Trainer and a Mastering Aliveness Coach. She has been building and leading a blossoming TRE® community and attracting trainees from around the globe in Thailand since 2013. She also serves on the TRE for ALL Board of Directors. Prior to her TRE® work, she worked 20 years in Human Resources for the Government of PEI, Canada.

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