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Who are we ?

Our mission :

A world in which all people have access to a self-help, Self-regulating method to reduce the devastating effects of stress, tension and trauma as well as offering healing and a greater sense of peace, wholeness and vitality.

Mission: To spread TRE throughout Thailand and other countries by  providing certification programs and support to those who teach TRE to others.
Philosophy: TRE is to be available to all and is not exclusive to any one nationality, culture or profession, but rather inclusive and supportive to all people around the world.
TRE Thailand wants everyone in Thailand and in Asia to have access to learning TRE for themselves and wants anyone interested in teaching others to have access to the necessary knowledge, support and guidance to teach safely and effectively. 

TRE Thailand accomplishes its vision and mission by:
- Providing information platform for all those interested in TRE in Thailand
- Encouraging and promoting TRE in Thailand
- Supporting the public of Thailand to find a TRE Provider by offering an online listing of certified providers
- Collaborating with visiting Trainers and Providers who wish to share their unique knowledge, experience and expertise in TRE
- Hosting workshops and events that include introductions, continuing education, TRE Classes, Humanitarian TRE training and other aligned and supportive workshops. 

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