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Valéria Erichsen Silveira is a TRE provider since 2010. She had her TRE training with David Berceli and has promoted TRE in Brazil by organizing TRE Certification Programs, Continued Education and Advanced TRE workshops since then.
She is a resourceful holistic practitioner with experience in integrative individual and group work. Proficiencies include strategies in Mindfulness,
Bach Flower Remedies, body-oriented process Core Energetics and Integrative Community Therapy. Valéria also worked as a Waldorf teacher in the last years.


Salin Tanjasiri (Toam) is a certified TRE provider (Advanced)

She is a body worker with 40 years of experience. She studied healing arts and massage with Pra Wai Jatalayo MD and monk. She has a Bachelor Degree in Nutrition from California State University, Los Angeles. She has many years of personal practice and experience in meditation and martial arts.


Yahya Bey VP of Global Strategy and Director at Freedom Within Co. Ltd

United States Navy veteran and serial entrepreneur. Self-taught by every measure, he draws on wisdom that touches multiple industries which has allowed him to find success in a cross-section of ventures from real estate investment and development, import/export, retail and now, professional training and organization development. Yahya is a Certified TRE® Provider, studied Organizational Behavior and Change at New York University and is an avid traveler.
Phone: +66 095 497 4906

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